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iPhone 15 Plus Make In India: Here’s When Apple Will Start Making The New iPhone – News18

Last Updated: September 18, 2023, 09:00 IST

iPhone 15 is already made in India, the Plus model will be assembled soon

Apple iPhone 15 is assembled in India already and soon the company will start the process for the iPhone 15 Plus model as well.

Apple iPhone 15 model is already being assembled in India, which has helped with the competitive price of the new iPhone 15 in India. And now, the company is ready to plan for its next production phase in the country, with the iPhone 15 Plus going to be assembled in India in the next quarter as per reports this week.

Apple has started relying on India for the production of its latest iPhone models in the past few years, especially with a focus on the flagship iPhones. Many people expected that locally producing iPhones would help consumers get them at lower prices but that is only applicable if all the components are locally sourced and the models are manufactured from scratch.

Having said that, Apple has relied on different vendors to produce the iPhone in India, which has helped the company start selling the iPhones in the country along with other major countries like the US, Europe and China among others. The report from ET says that the Apple iPhone 15 Plus will be assembled in India from October to December which is not that far away. The company is expected to rely on its Tamil Nadu unit to make the iPhone 15 model.

Apple iPhone 15 series is already available for pre-order this week, and sales start on September 22 in the country. iPhone 15 is priced at Rs 79,900 while the iPhone 15 Plus will be available at Rs 89,900 for the base variants. Apple Stores will help consumers pre-ordering to arrange for store pick-ups or wait for a few weeks before their new iPhones are delivered, especially the iPhone 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max.

The iPhone 15 Pros come with starting price of Rs 1,34,900 and Rs 1,59,900, respectively, with a new camera system, titanium frame which makes the phones lighter and USB C charging for the first time from the company.

Apple has already pulled the plug on various iPhone models in the past week, including the iPhone 13 mini, which has basically ended Apple’s tryst with small-sized phones. You can still buy these iPhones as long as they are in stock, which means sellers might give attractive discounts to get the units off the shelf.

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