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Get Paid For Your Reels: Facebook Expands Ads Program For Indian Creators – Know How To Participate

New Delhi: Meta has announced that it will expand its ads on Reels program to allow creators to earn on Facebook by creating content. The company is now calling on thousands more creators to join its updated tests, including many who previously participated in its Reels Play bonus program on Facebook. It also plans to start the same program on Instagram in the coming weeks.

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The giant also has evolved the program to pay creators based on the performance of their public reels, not the earnings of ads on their reels. This means creators can focus on creating engaging content while the company optimizes the ad experience for advertisers and people.

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How To Earn Under The Program

Payouts will be determined by the number of plays. The better a creator’s reel performs, the more they can earn. In the future, the company may add other signals into payouts.

“All creators onboarding to the test will automatically be added to the new payout model, and over the coming weeks creators previously testing Ads on Facebook Reels will be transitioned. In addition, we’ll begin to test Ads on Instagram Reels with a similar performance-based payout model among a small group of creators and advertisers in select markets,” the company added in the blog.

Meta is also planning to start testing a performance-based payout model for In-Stream ads on Facebook with a small group of creators to support creators making all types of content.

How To Participate Under The Program

Initially, it is available for creators from select 52 countries, India is also one of them.

Once added to the test, in order to earn from Ads on Reels, creators must complete the onboarding process which includes accepting the terms of use and providing payout details. From there, they just need to continue creating engaging Reels to earn. 

To check if you’re part of this initial program on Facebook, visit Professional Dashboard and go to the Monetization Tools section. If you are invited, you should see Ads on Reels and you can select Set up to begin onboarding.

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