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Tinder Introduces Share My Date Feature For Users To Share Date Details With Friends And Family


New Delhi: The famous online dating platform, Tinder has launched a new feature which is called ‘Share My Date’. With the help of this new feature users can share details about their dates with friends and families. The latest feature will let users keep their loved ones informed about the date and will also provide users with an extra layer of safety.

Around 51 percent of the users share necessary details about their dates with family while 19 percent of them share it with their mothers, as per a report by Tinder. “At Tinder, we continue to release new features that aim to create a fun, safe, and respectful experience for all.” said Chief Marketing Officer of Tinder in a statement. (Also Read: Every Global Brand Wants To Be In India: OYO’s Ritesh Agarwal)

How to use ‘Share My Date’ feature?

With the help of ‘Share My Date’ feature users can share information about their dates with friends and family by directly using the app with a single link. When the recipients click the link, they will be able to access information about the match’s location, date and time. Moreover, they will also get a photo of the match after clicking the link. (Also Read: Australian Woman Banned From Uber App Over Her Name: Company Apologises)

Is downloading Tinder app necessary for recipients to access information?

No, the recipient does not need to download the app to access the information instead they can check all the details via their web browser.

Which countries will it be available in?

The Share My Date feature will launch in many countries over the coming months which includes countries including India, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.

For how many days can users share their date plan?

Users can share their date plans up to 30 days in advance and can also make edits if there is any last-minute changes.


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