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Twitter Starts Sharing Ad Revenue to Content Creators on Platform: Elon Musk


New Delhi: Twitter will start to share ad revenue with creators hereafter to make the platform attractive for content creators. The microblogging platform has rolled out ad revenue sharing model and contnet creators will get a cut from those ads that appear in their reply threads. The account must be a subscriber to Twitter Blue Verified to be eligible for ad revenue model. Tech billionaire and Twitter head Elon Musk informed the platform users about the latest development in his new tweet.

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Musk earlier hinted that Twitter was working to open multiple source of monetisation for content creators, similar to Instagram or YouTube. It would aim to attract content creators from other platforms and to encourage creators to produce high-quality and engaging content on the microblogging site.

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Musk has further explained that more to come on that front. He explained, “Twitter needs to be where a creator is most highly rewarded for their time & talent”. Musk has also hinted that Twitter’s legacy Blue verified was unfortunately deely corrupted and “so will sunset in a few months”.

Netizens seem excited

Replying to that post, most followed YouTuber Mr Beast said “Woah :o”.

Another user Lex Fridman commented, “this is huge. Hopefully this encourages more great content not more divise drama”.

Twitter user Mohamed said Twitter had changed and its much better than a day ago and on the right path.


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