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This Is Google’s Plan To Stop Spammers From Flooding Your Gmail Inbox – News18

Last Updated: October 06, 2023, 13:01 IST

Gmail is planning for big changes in 2024 for the spam issue

Gmail users see hundreds of spam mails that have no reason to pop-up in their inbox and the company plans to tackle the menace in 2024

Spammers have made merry in your mail inbox for years but Google is finally ready to tackle the menace and reduce the impact of such mailers. You might have noticed the spam section of Gmail or any other mail client has hundreds of mail that filter through Google’s security checks and invariably causes major issues for users.

In fact, you might even bump into a security threat via one of these spam mails every now and then. Gmail has planned a massive overhaul of the spam mailing system which will come into effect from February 2024. Gmail claims it has already introduced some level of authentication for mailers which seems to have reduced the traffic of malicious mails by around 75 per cent, but spams are still a big issue.

Which is why Gmail will have new systems in place for the bulk senders, who are usually the main spam culprits. Here are the rules that these senders will be required to follow:

Authenticate the mail for senders

Gmail wants these bulk mail senders to properly authenticate their emails using standards like DKIM or DMARC.

Let people easily unsubscribe

These bulk mail senders need to have a robust system in place for people who want to unsubscribe from a respective mailer. Gmail also wants the process to be simplified and wrap up the request within two days. This is very important as many mailers send you the unsubscribe button as a footnote but that doesn’t exactly work.

Send mails people want

Gmail also wants to ensure that users get mails that are relevant to them. This will allow the platform to keep it under the spam rate threshold of 0.3 percent if the sender complies with these rules.

Gmail claims it is not the lone email provider working in this regard. Yahoo is another mail client that will adopt these rules and pass it on to these bulk mail senders. It will be interesting to see if and when these rules come into play, the changes help people see less spam mails in their inbox.

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