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Google Wants Users To Set Up Passkeys For Their Account And Ditch Passwords For Good – News18

Last Updated: October 11, 2023, 08:00 IST

Google account holders are being offered the chance to use passkeys

Google says passkeys are faster and safer than passwords and more users should use it for login process on their mobile.

Google is one of the first tech giants to sign up for passkey logins and now it wants millions of its users to start using the new, secure method to login instead of using passwords. Google offers people to use their phone’s PIN, face or fingerprint ID to authenticate their account and use them on new devices.

And this week onwards, Google is taking matters into its hands by suggesting passkeys as the default method to login for its users. In fact, Google will prompt account holders to start using passkeys and secure their accounts via device authentication, and stop worrying about recalling passwords for all your accounts.

Google says it has received a positive response to passkeys, which is why this decision has been made. “Earlier this year we rolled out support for passkeys, a simpler and more secure way to sign into your accounts online. We’ve received really positive feedback from our users, so today we’re making passkeys even more accessible by offering them as the default option across personal Google Accounts,” Google blog post explains.

Google account holders will be seeing pop-up alerts like this when they tried to sign into their account.

The company further highlights the purpose of switching to passkeys, which is claimed to be 40 percent faster than passwords and they are built using cryptography which makes them extra secure. Google also mentions that Uber and eBay have enabled passkeys and WhatsApp will also be compatible soon.

Make no mistake, passwords are going nowhere, but Google is allowing people to decide if they want to use the existing authentication standards or sign up for a method that is hopefully going to be a huge part of the industry in the near future. “That’s why people will still be given the option to use a password to sign in and may opt-out of passkeys by turning off “Skip password when possible,” the post clarifies.

Google hopes to eventually make passwords obsolete and measures like these, with the confidence of users, could help the technology flourish in the years to come.

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