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iPhones Will Soon Speak In Your Voice After Training For Just 15 Minutes: What It Means


Last Updated: May 22, 2023, 13:46 IST

iPhone users getting new accessibility features

iPhone users getting new accessibility features

The new features are compatible with iOS and will be available for iPhone users in the coming weeks.

Apple has kept a fair policy with accessibility features for all iPhone users over the years but now it plans to take this strategy to a whole new level. What if we tell you that iPhones will soon speak in your voice, that too with just 15 minutes of training?

This useful tool can help specially abled people to take phone calls. Apple is calling it Personal Voice where a user can read the text to their iPhone and have their voice recorded which is then used by the device to train.

So, next time the person gets a call, another feature called Live Speech will use the trained voice and read the text prompt to the caller, including any FaceTime call. Apple says the feature will be released later this year. The company assures that all the training of the voice is done on the device which means all their data is private and secure.

Voice replication or Personal Voice sounds like an interesting tool for specially-abled people and much like other Apple accessibility products, this one is bound to appeal to many iPhone users in markets like the US and more. Apple has been a strong supporter of accessibility features over the years, and the new addition could make it further useful for iPhone users with demands for special-abled skills.

Apple continues to build new use cases that bring the company to everyone’s attention. Last year Apple introduced satellite communication for the iPhone which allows people to message or call if they are stuck in a remote area without any cell network.

Apple isn’t the first company to bring the tech but as we have seen before, the iPhone maker has a cascading effect on other product launches in the industry. We are hoping that these features will eventually trickle down to Android users as well.


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