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iPhone 15 Launch Effect: Mob Loots Apple Store In US [Watch Video] – News18

Apple Walnut Street store in Philadelphia, US. (Image: Apple)

A crowd of youngsters has reportedly looted the Apple Store near 15th Street in Philadelphia, US, for its iPhone 15 units. Watch the video here

In Philadelphia, USA, a crowd of juveniles looted the Apple Walnut Street Store along with other stores in the area, including Chestnut and Lululemon, in City Center, as per multiple videos surfacing online and as reported by NBC Philadelphia.

According to the report, Philadelphia police started receiving calls around 8:00 pm that multiple juveniles were going to Center City.

WATCH VIDEO: Apple Store Looted In US

And, based on the videos shared online on social media, multiple juveniles can be seen rummaging through the Apple Store—stealing what seem to be the latest iPhone 15 models.

“Stanford also said police have made 15-20 arrests so far, and two firearms have been recovered, but they aren’t sure if they are connected to the looting,” NBC reported.

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Moreover, as part of the crime, over 100 juveniles and young adults are said to be involved, but the Philadelphia police are currently not sure how many businesses apart from the Apple Store, Lululemon, and Chestnut were affected.

Notably, this incident follows the recent protests that ensued after charges were dismissed against a police officer who shot Eddie Irizarry.

“A couple of kids decided they wanted to take full advantage of the unjust shooting that’s happened,” Hakeem Russell, a security guard who works at the Wendy’s Store in the area, was quoted as saying by NBC Philadelphia. “It’s definitely been unrest around here since the verdict,” he added.

It is also interesting to note that Apple has been known to block such stolen units whenever an incident of similar structure has happened in the past.

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