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iPhone 15 Pro Max Heating Issues Could Be Linked To These Changes: All Details – News18

Last Updated: September 27, 2023, 16:40 IST

iPhone 15 Pro series facing major heating concerns

iPhone 15 Pro models have got drastic changes internally which has made them lighter and easier to hold. But the heating issues are a concern for many.

iPhone 15 Pro Max users have complained about major heating issues. They have seen the iPhone temperatures shoot up when they charge or even indulge in heavy usage. Ideally, you could lay the blame on the iOS version causing the problem with one of its bugs, while some have even questioned the 3nm process A17 Pro chip that Apple has offered on the Pro models. But another possible reason could be the lack of a cooling system innards.

That’s right, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has written a detailed post this week which suggests that Apple has made the iPhone 15 Pro Max lighter than previous models, which seems to have come at a cost.

Apple has made drastic changes to the architecture of the iPhone 15 Pro Max which has moved the components on the device. It has helped the company to make the Pro Max lighter but the new A17 Pro chipset is performing at a level where the device clearly needs a cooling chamber which is now becoming an issue for the people buying the most premium iPhone this year. Apple doesn’t even support fast-charging for the new iPhones, so for a device to heat up at speeds of 20W is not ideal.

And if that wasn’t enough, the use of Titanium to make the iPhone 15 Pro model has also made it harder for the heat to dissipate. He does mention that Apple will have to consider rolling out a software update to minimise the heating impact but that is unlikely to be the only solution at hand. Apple might also have to throttle the performance level of the A17 Pro chip to keep a check on heating issues, which could invariably reduce the battery health of the iPhones at a faster pace than usual.

Apple has seen tremendous demand for the iPhone 15 Pro Max model this year, mostly attributed to the new camera features. However, problems like heating could be detrimental to the company as people might reconsider buying the expensive iPhone because of these issues.

Kuo has a solid track record with Apple updates and it will be interesting to see how Apple responds to these concerns and how soon it is able to mitigate the issue before it blows up globally.

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