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Google Has No Plans To Make A Pixel Phone For Rs 20,000: All Details – News18

Last Updated: October 09, 2023, 16:13 IST

Pixel phone for around Rs 20,000 is not going to happen

Google has launched the Pixel a-series models as its affordable Pixel version but the company isn’t going to enter the mass market.

Google will not be launching an affordable Pixel phone targeting markets like India. The company has stayed loyal to the Pixel a lineup in the last few years and is likely to continue doing so. But Google is clear that a Pixel phone for anywhere close to $200 (Rs 16,200 approx) would not be possible, if it wants to give a quality product.

The comments were made by Nanda Ramachandran, VP of Google Mobile Business in an interview recently. He pointed out that the company certainly believes that integrating AI into its hardware and offering a clean software experience comes at a cost which makes it harder for Google to work on a budget Pixel phone. Google has tried its hand with budget devices with projects like Android One and Android Go to some extent.

The company even decided that budget phones needed Android in a toned down avatar which also didn’t make a serious dent in the market after multiple tries. These incidents are enough for the company to realise its mistake and not attempt another project for the so-called budget Android/Pixel phone.

Running an operation like the Pixels needs senior heads that come at a cost and yes, it goes without saying that offering a clean software UI (without any ads or bloatware) also has its caveats linked to the expenditure of the products. So, the company is not entirely wrong to admit that launching a budget Pixel phone is unrealistic when you factor in all the market issues. Google has launched the new premium Pixel 8 series in the market and continues to show its evolving side in the AI arena.

The new Pro cameras have been upgraded with advanced AI tech which promises to compete with the best in the business. Sadly, we will never see Google roll out these features on a mass product which would have really disrupted the market and forced others to take notice.

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