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iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Google Pixel 8 Pro Drop Test: Who Wins Round 2? – News18

Last Updated: October 10, 2023, 08:30 IST

Pixel 8 Pro looks like a solid addition to the market

Google’s new Pixel 8 Pro is put through drop and scratch test and here’s how it performs compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Google has entered the flagship battle this month by launching the new Pixel 8 series and all the focus is now on how the new Pixel 8 Pro model fares against the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the comparatively old but competent Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Recently, we saw the drop test challenge between Apple and Samsung flagship phones and now it is Google’s time to show if it has made a solid device. Spoiler alert, Google manages to beat Apple in the drop and scratch test done by a few testers.

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Pixel 8 Pro Drop Test: Who Wins?

Pixel 8 Pro was dropped facing the screen on a concrete surface and most of us feared the worst for the new Pixel phone. Surprisingly, the device managed to withstand the drop without any scratches but there were a few scratch marks on the aluminium frame on the side.

The second level of the test was conducted by dropping the phone from head height on a concrete player, the results are once again quite impressive on the Pixel 8 Pro which comes through without major dents or scratches. Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra didn’t fare too well in these tests.

At no point did the camera module of the Pixel 8 Pro break, which wasn’t the case when the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra were thrown down at a pace. The end result of the tests clearly show that the Pixel 8 Pro is a solid device and it did much better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max in drop and scratch tests, which does auger well for Google. Having said that, performance in general of the new Pixels is still a concern, with many benchmark scores of the new Tensor G3 chip hinting that the new hardware isn’t exactly flagship-grade to match Qualcomm, MediaTek and even Apple.

The Pixel 8 Pro is priced at Rs 1,06,999 in India and comes in a single 128GB storage variant that has 12GB RAM. The new Pixel model has a thermometer and three new cameras at the back.

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