You are currently viewing Bluetooth users BEWARE! Hackers using Bluebugging to steal your data –Here’s how to remain safe

Bluetooth users BEWARE! Hackers using Bluebugging to steal your data –Here’s how to remain safe


New Delhi: Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables people to use their mobile devices for audio, navigation, and more while remaining hands-free. Numerous products, including computers, iPads, headphones, mobile phones, and laptops, have Bluetooth enabled, which can be an invitation for hackers to breach this feature.

When it should only be activated when necessary, most individuals always leave their Bluetooth on. This is far simpler said than done, so it is unlikely to be followed. Here are five typical flaws that, when exploited, might let hackers hack Bluetooth devices to illustrate some of the risks associated with negligent Bluetooth usage. (Also Read: WhatsApp data breach: A step-by-step guide to check whether your data is leaked or not)

What is Bluebugging?

After seeing how simple Bluejacking and BlueSnarfing Bluetooth attacks might be executed, hackers created this exploit. To create a backdoor on a victim’s phone or laptop, BlueBugging employs Bluetooth (AT&T Cybersecurity). The attacker can examine all of the data on your device in addition to being able to hijack Bluetooth devices. (Also Read: BIG blow to Apple iPhone enthusiasts! Wait longer to get iPhone Pro models– Here’s WHY)

Once a device is infiltrated, hackers can listen to calls and read texts. As a result, acquiring a secret OTP could be simple once a phone has been blue-bugged. Hackers use Bluetooth on smartphones and other devices to pry into sensitive data.

How your device can be hacked?

Your chances of falling victim to a Bluebugging hack rise if your device’s Bluetooth is discoverable and you are within about 10 metres of a hacker. The following step for a hacker after successfully pairing with your device is often to install malware and carry out brute force assaults to disable the security features of your device. Getting access to your data should be simple after installing malware.

How to remain safe?

– If Bluetooth is not required, turn it off.

– Reject requests to pair made by unidentified devices.

– Make sure you pair it with a device for the first time at home and run the most recent system version.

– Prefer high-quality VPN service.



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