You are currently viewing Don’t have ATM card & Want to activate PhonePe UPI? Here’s the step by step guide to do via Aadhar card

Don’t have ATM card & Want to activate PhonePe UPI? Here’s the step by step guide to do via Aadhar card


New Delhi: PhonePe, a well-known digital payment company, has unveiled a new feature that will let users activate UPI using an Aadhaar-based identification mechanism. PhonePe claimed to be the first Third Party Application Provider (TPAP) in the nation to bring out an Aadhaar-based UPI activation system at the time of its introduction. Before this, PhonePe users had to activate the PhonePe UPI in the app using the information from their debit cards.

With this upgrade, the Aadhaar number will be integrated into the PhonePe App’s e-KYC process for the UPI onboarding process. (Also Read: Earn up to Rs 3 lakhs per month by just investing Rs 25,000 in THIS business; Details inside)

“We are thrilled to be the first fintech platform to provide Aadhaar-based verification for our consumers, further streamlining and ensuring inclusivity of the UPI onboarding flows. According to IANS, Deep Agrawal, Head of Payments at PhonePe, had remarked on the occasion, “We believe this is a really progressive move by RBI, NPCI, and UIDAI and is a terrific illustration of the digital financial inclusion that UIDAI’s Aadhaar programme has been able to drive. (Also Read: Use of mobile phones are banned for children under 18 in THIS village in India)

It is important to note that to begin the onboarding process, interested consumers will just need to submit the last six digits of their Aadhaar numbers.

“This will attract more clients to the world of digital payments while also expanding the UPI ecosystem as a whole. Countries all across the world are attempting to use UPI because it has emerged as a global model. We will be actively collaborating with NPCI moving forward to expand UPI internationally,” Agrawal had stated at the time.

Here is what you need to do if you use PhonePe and wish to utilise Aadhaar to activate UPI in the app:

– Open PhonePe app.

– Go to the profile page option.

– Visit the payment instrument tab.

– Click on the Add Bank Account option.

– Choose the appropriate bank.

– Click on the verify option.

– Enter the OTP.

– Go to the UPI setup section.

– Click on the Aadhar card.

–  Enter the last six digit number of your Aadhar card.

– Enter the OTP.

Now you can setup UPI. 


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