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Why Should You Never Bring Your Phone To Toilet? Check The BIG REASON Here


New Delhi: With the rise of the internet and digital media, we now carry our smartphones with us wherever we go, especially in the restrooms. Many people find it difficult to break their habit of constantly being linked to the outside world and making sure they don’t miss anything crucial.

A trade-in gadget firm called Bank My Cell did a survey, and it found that 96 percent of young people said they never even enter the restroom without their phones.

It is crucial to be aware that using your phone while using the restroom might have serious and hazardous health repercussions.

According to studies, one of the worst places to use a phone is in the bathroom since the toilet’s germs go everywhere when you flush. Additionally, because most people do not consider their phones to be unclean, they do not clean them as well.

According to a study conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, approximately 92 percent of phones were contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria like E coli, Salmonella, and C difficile.

E. Coli, a form of bacteria found in feces that sickens more than a million people worldwide every year, was discovered in 16 percent of the samples that researchers gathered from over 300 people in 12 cities throughout the UK.

Additionally, according to specialists, using your phone while using the restroom for a lengthy period of time can put pressure on your ears and rectum, increasing your risk of hemorrhoids, piles of rectal difficulties, and other gastrointestinal disorders.

In the rectal region, it may also enlarge blood vessels, which can result in UTIs, diarrhea, and different intestinal illnesses. In addition to the health risks, the habit damages your phone, as most phones are not designed to be in contact with water.

Bathrooms are moist environments, therefore many individuals either drop their phones in the toilet or cause them to become waterlogged, according to experts.

(The article’s recommendations should not be construed as professional medical advice and is only meant to be used for general informational purposes.)



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