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WhatsApp Introduces New Group Calling Feature In macOS


San Francisco: Meta-owned WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new group calling feature on macOS devices, which will allow users to make group calls with a selected number of participants.

Earlier, it was not possible to start a group call as the button was either disabled or not functioning on macOS, according to WABetaInfo.

However, in the latest update of the WhatsApp beta, the call buttons (audio and video) are finally available, and users can now start a group call.

Moreover, the report said that the new feature will also allow users to create a new group call with people that aren’t in the same group.

Just open the calls tab and tap the create call button.

In this section of the app, users can create a new group call by selecting the people they want to add to the call.

The report also mentioned that users will be able to select up to seven people in this section, but up to 32 people can join group audio calls later.

According to the report, the feature to place group calls within groups, along with all other improvements, is available to some beta testers.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a broadcast channel conversation on Android, including 12 new features.

The features include a full-width messaging interface in the conversation, verification status, number of followers, mute notification button, handles, real followers count, shortcuts, channel description, mute notification toggle, visibility status, privacy, and reporting.


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