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What Is The Moon Agreement And Why Has India Signed It – News18

Last Updated: August 23, 2023, 17:07 IST

The Moon agreement is a vital part of the scientific future

The Moon Agreement was signed by multiple countries, pledging to preserve the resources on the lunar surface and limit its use to scientific exploration.

With India set for its latest attempt to land on the lunar surface with the Chandrayaan III mission, focus has come back on a very serious matter which was formed by a host of nations to thwart major disruptions on the Moon with the binding entity called the Moon Agreement.

The whole purpose of setting up this agreement was to prevent any international conflict on the Moon and ensure that countries only use the Earth’s closest satellite for scientific exploration. It also forbids countries from setting up military bases and installations on the Moon for testing any type of weapons.

What Is The Moon Agreement?

Back when the Moon Agreement was drafted, a host of countries showed their interest in joining the bandwagon but with the growing advancement in technology and the keenness to explore the lunar surface, other scientific treaties have been signed which now have greater significance with more countries signed up than the actual moon agreement.

There is also a keen interest in the natural resources that are available on the Moon, and the agreement looks to avoid any major disruptions or claims of any sovereignty on the lunar surface, which goes against the focus and the purpose of the agreement.

Why Has India Signed The Moon Agreement?

India has become an active part of the space exploratory group, and the multiple Chandrayaan missions are the best way to advocate for its focus on the development and use of the lunar surface for scientific research that has come to the attention of countries across the globe.

The country is also one of the few members of the Moon Agreement that is a signatory, while none of the other major moon countries like Russia, US and China have that right. So India has the additional power to continue the Moon Agreement and also adhere to the guidelines set by the agreement, at least for the members who are part of the entity.

India has a strong role in the position of the agreement, even though new treaties have come up and the country is able to strengthen or weaken the position of the agreement if India decides to formally withdraw by signature.

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