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What is Bard? Google’s ‘Answer’ to ChatGPT Explained


Google’s answer to ChatGPT, Bard is the firm’s experimental conversational AI service. The Bard AI is the consequence of enormous pressure on the search giant to catch up to Open AI’s popular chatbot ChatGPT, say reports, which is supported by one of Google’s most formidable competitors, Microsoft.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, stated in a blog post that Bard is already available to “trusted testers” and is designed to showcase the “extent of the world’s information” behind a conversational interface. It employs a scaled-down version of Google’s LaMDA AI model, which was revealed in May 2021 and is based on similar technology to ChatGPT, a report by the Wired says.

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What exactly is Bard?

Bard is an experimental AI-based discussion service powered by LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). It utilises Web content to offer current, high-quality solutions to questions, similar to ChatGPT.

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How does Bard work?

LaMDA, a comprehensive language model created and distributed by Google in 2021, powers Bard. Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that the company will initially offer Bard on a “lightweight” version of LaMDA that requires substantially less computational power, allowing it to scale to a greater number of users and solicit more feedback.

What’s the Challenge?

Google and OpenAI are both constructing their bots using text generation software that, despite being eloquent, is prone to falsification and can reproduce nasty forms of online discourse, the report by Wired states. The necessity of mitigating these weaknesses and the fact that this type of software cannot be quickly updated with fresh data presents a hurdle for the development of powerful and lucrative new products on top of the technology, including the notion that chatbots might revolutionise web search.

About LaMDA

The company will also make the technology underlying LaMDA available to developers, producers, and businesses so that they can create apps powered by Google’s artificial intelligence technologies.

A Google engineer’s public statements that LaMDA was “sentient” made it a topic of discussion over the potential power of AI last year. Blake Lemoine was fired by Google for making “entirely false” assertions regarding LaMDA, an acronym for “language model for conversation applications.”

Microsoft, a significant supporter of ChatGPT, is preparing to offer further products utilising the chatbot’s underlying technology when Google made its announcement. OpenAI of San Francisco, which just secured a multibillion-dollar investment from Microsoft, developed ChatGPT, a report by Guardian says.

Users of Microsoft’s Bing search engine claimed over the weekend to have viewed a preview of the product in which they could pose inquiries of up to 1,000 characters and receive replies that cited sources. At a news conference on Tuesday, Microsoft is expected to provide additional information regarding the use of ChatGPT in its products, the report further explains.

How Does Google View Bard?

According to Google, Bard may be “an outlet for creativity” or “a launchpad for curiosity,” allowing you to “explain groundbreaking discoveries from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to a 9-year-old” or “learn more about the finest strikers in football today, and then get workouts to improve your skills,” a report by the New York Times says.

And Bard, unlike regular Google Search, promises to utilise web-based information to provide remarkably comprehensive answers to more open-ended queries. In lieu of traditional questions such as “how many piano keys are there? “, Bard will be able to provide detailed responses to more general inquiries such as “is the piano or guitar easier to learn?”

Google says you will “soon” see responses like these in Search that “condense complex material and different perspectives into easily digestible formats.” According to Google, Bard will also let users to “organise a friend’s baby shower,” “compare two Oscar-nominated films,” and “get lunch suggestions based on the contents of your refrigerator.”

Bard Vs ChatGPT

Internet-based data and resources will be utilised by Bard to gather information. While Chat GPT’s knowledge is limited to events through 2021, Bard will have access to the most up-to-date information and be able to provide more current details, a report by Jagran Josh says.

In addition to being coupled with Google’s search engine, Bard will have access to huge abundance of data, providing it an advantage over Microsoft’s Chat GPT.

Google’s Bard AI is believed to provide users with more accurate information than Chat GPT, which is susceptible to factual inaccuracies and fabrications.

Google’s huge data collection gives Bard AI an advantage over other AI systems, like as Chat GPT, in terms of the breadth and depth of information it can access, the report says.

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