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Want To Keep Twitter Gold Badge? Brands Might Have To Pay Rs 80,000


Last Updated: February 06, 2023, 16:42 IST

Twitter gold check is going to cost businesses

Twitter gold check is going to cost businesses

Twitter continues to find more ways to make both users and business pay for its services and this new tactic could be employed soon.

Twitter has been on an overhaul-spree since Elon Musk took over reins back in October 2022. We have seen the platform hordes of engineers, some of them sacked, some of them leaving themselves. You also saw the higher executives moving out before Musk took control. Musk has also changed the strategy of the platform, hoping to make his money back by earning more through Twitter.

He started the process by increasing the price of Twitter Blue, expanding it to more countries and making it appealing to anyone who wants a blue badge on their Twitter account.

For business, Twitter saw another window to earn millions, and that strategy started by giving brands a gold badge, which could soon be a costly addition for businesses using Twitter for their social push and reach with millions.

As per the report by The Information, Twitter will charge businesses $1000 (Rs 81,000 approx) to retain or get the gold badge for their account. The report also mentions that Twitter will charge them an additional $50 (Rs 400 approx) per month for affiliate accounts. Multiple sources suggest Twitter has reached out to business with the details about this package, and giving them the pitch to go for it.

The gold badge on Twitter will allow brands to boost their tweets, increase the reach and their distribution with each tweet. Twitter is basically relaunching the Blue for Business program into Verification for Organisations subscription.

Twitter is also planning to remove the legacy blue badges from millions of accounts, and make them pay for the Twitter Blue service to get it back. These decisions seem to have stemmed out of the need for Twitter to start giving returns to Musk and Co. The social blogging platform has never scaled up its financials and Musk believes steps like these will aid its growth and also bring more users to the platform.

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