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Turkey Earthquake: WhatsApp Saves Student in Quake- Here’s How


New Delhi: After sharing his location in a video appeal on WhatsApp, a 20-year-old student named Boran Kubat was rescued from under the rubble of an apartment building in eastern Turkey. While visiting family in Malatya, Boran and his mother, both from Istanbul, were shaken by the twin earthquakes.

The family had returned to the building after surviving the morning’s first earthquake, which caused the structure to collapse in the subsequent quake of 7.5 magnitude. While trapped with his family beneath the apartment’s debris, Boran realised he could notify friends via social media on his smartphone. (Also Read: Money Earning Scheme: Invest in THESE SBI Mutual Funds Schemes to get Strong Profit- Check Return Calculator Here)

In a video message sent on WhatsApp, Boran begged for assistance and provided their address. He said, “Whoever reads my WhatsApp status, please come and help. Please send help to save us right away. Rescuers found the family and pulled Boran and his mother from the rubble. (Also Read: Harsh Goenka Shares Clip of Newlywed Welcomed by Indian Navy Officers to Tribe- Watch Heartwarming Video)

According to Boran, it took his pals four to five sledgehammer swings to locate their exact location. This was revealed to Turkish news outlet Anadolu Agency. He further stated that his grandma and uncle were still captive.

Victims trapped in the earthquake-stricken areas of Turkey and Syria have inundated social media with desperate pleas.


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