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These iPhone Models Taken Down From Apple Store But You Can Still Buy Them – News18

Last Updated: September 15, 2023, 09:00 IST

iPhone 13 mini and a few more models have been removed

Apple iPhone 15 series launch has allowed the company to phase out the older models which helps the brand to reduce the price of popular iPhones.

Apple launching new iPhones can be good news and bad news for the public. The good news is that some of the older iPhones have now got a price cut which makes them more appealing to buyers. And the bad news is that Apple has decided to trim its iPhone lineup in the market by removing an extensive list of models from its shelves. When you browse through the Apple India Store, you will notice that the new iPhone 15 models are in full attendance, while the previous iPhone iterations have been left out.

iPhones Taken Down From Apple Store

– iPhone 12

– iPhone 13 mini

– iPhone 14 Pro

– iPhone 14 Pro Max

As you can see in the list, Apple has completely ended the official sale of the iPhone 12 model and also discontinued the iPhone 13 mini, the first from the company that was launched in 2021.

Apple has seen the demand for the Mini model gradually drop since it was introduced. In fact, the company decided to end the mini model by offering an iPhone Plus variant last year and this year with the iPhone 15 series as well.

But here’s the thing with these models, just because Apple has removed them from its catalogue doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot buy them anymore. In fact, many offline and online dealers will try to sell the remaining stock of these aforementioned models by offering special discounts or other deals.

Apple tends to offer 5 years of iOS updates, which allows you to use the old model without worrying about its security and usability support. With the festive season around the corner in India, this might be a good time to finally buy an iPhone that too without spending big.

The new iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are made in India, and somehow Apple has kept their prices the same as the predecessor, starting at Rs 79,900. The older iPhones remaining in Apple’s lineup have got a Rs 10,000 price cut, giving you the chance to buy the iPhone 13 for under Rs 60,000 in the country.

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