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Telegram Rolls Out New Features: Stories For Channels, Sticker Reactions And More – News18

Telegram has added new features to its app.

Telegram has added new features to its app, including reaction stickers, custom music for Stories, and a better View Once feature.

Telegram, the popular messaging app, has launched a slew of new features to make the platform more engaging. The company is expanding on their Stories feature, which was introduced earlier this year for premium users and then to everyone in August.

Now, you can add reaction stickers and your own music to your Stories, and there’s a new View Once feature that lets you send photos and videos that disappear after they’re viewed. Here is everything new with Telegram.

Stories for Channels

Telegram users will be able to “grant” their favorite channels the ability to post stories by giving them boosts. By default, Telegram Premium now offers one boost that users can allocate to any channel they like.

Telegram says “channels can level up as they gain more boost,” and for each level, they can post 1 additional story per day to their subscribers’ story feeds.

Reaction Stickers in Stories

Telegram users can now react to stories with stickers. Stories posted by channels will also show a reaction counter, so you can see how many people reacted to each story with which emoji. Everyone can add one reaction sticker to each story, but Premium users can add up to five.

Add Your Music in Stories

Users will be able to add their own audio tracks—be it music or voice overs—to their stories. To add custom audio, users need to head to the sticker panel, tap ‘Audio’ and select a file, then adjust the track to select any section.

View-Once Media

Telegram has also a new feature that lets you control how long your photos and videos are visible after you send them. In any 1-on-1 chat, just tap the media editor and choose how long you want the photo or video to be visible, from 1 view to 30 seconds. Once the recipient opens it, it’ll be deleted forever.

Login Alerts

Telegram already lets you know when someone logs in from a new device, but now it is taking security even further by sending you an alert right at the top of your chat list.

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