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Tablet Sales Fall As Global Market Shifts Away From Pandemic-Induced Demand


Last Updated: February 06, 2023, 19:59 IST

iPads are still the market leader

iPads are still the market leader

Remote work and virtual schools increased the demand for tablet in the past two years but the market seems to be stabilising now.

Tablet sales have dropped once again in 2022 as the market stabilises after the pandemic-induced growth spur. Shipments are the best barometer of seeing demand in a sector, and in this case, brands have seen the demand fall which has made them ship less units.

The IDC report for up to Q4 2022 clearly shows this trend, and even then Apple has the leadership position in the tablet segment, which is hardly surprising.

Samsung comes close second but the difference in the units shipped by both the giants is quite big to even consider it as a contest. Apple owns the tablet space with over 49 percent market share with the iPad series, which now has around four models for buyers. In fact, Apple and Samsung are the only brands to grow in this sector during this period. The report from IDC includes Amazon with Kindle Fire, Huawei and Lenovo as the other brands in the top 5. The likes of Xiaomi, Oppo and more form part of the others on the list with 18 percent market share recorded. While Apple occupies almost half of the tablet segment, Samsung has a share of around 16 percent. The next three brands in total have 15 percent share, which shows the gulf between the top and the rest.

The growth attained by the tablet segment in the past few quarters have been attributed to the pandemic which not only forced people to work from homes, you also had schools operating virtually, thereby catapulting demand for the product.

That demand has come down, showing parity with the pre-pandemic scenario but it seems Apple’s ploy to have more SKUs in the lineup across different price points has worked in its favour. You have two basic iPads, the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. Samsung has also tried a similar formula with the Galaxy Tab lineup, adding a premium Ultra model with support and stylus and all.

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