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Signal Now Introduces Edit Message Feature: Is It Better Than WhatsApp? – News18

Last Updated: October 11, 2023, 14:20 IST

Signal finally brings edit feature and here’s how it works

Signal users can edit messages and get the history of the previous version like Twitter (now called X) and available for mobile and desktop users.

Signal messaging app is also bringing edit features for its users like WhatsApp. The new option is available from this week after you update the Signal app to the new version. Signal is taking a different approach to its edit feature, making it similar to the edit post option on X rather than the time-limited edit tool you have on WhatsApp.

Signal vs WhatsApp – How They Edit Messages

Signal users have to long-press the message to get the edit option and they will also get to see the edit history for these messages, something that you don’t see on WhatsApp or Telegram, which just shows the edited label at the bottom of the message.

That’s not all, Signal’s edit feature is enabled for a whole 24 hours, which is also much longer than the 15 minutes limit that WhatsApp users get. Some people might be worried about the reason for giving such a long limit to edit messages but having an edit history of the chat should make them feel comfortable using the feature. And unlike X, Signal is offering this feature to all its users.

Signal is bringing the edit feature with the new Android version 6.35, iOS version 6.43, and the desktop version 6.33 for Windows and macOS devices.

Signal is claimed to be safer than messaging apps like WhatsApp and many privacy experts have vouched for its security standards. Bringing an edit feature feels like an inevitable move and even though it has come much later than WhatsApp and Telegram, users will be pleased that it is finally here.

Signal has been vocal about Meta-owned WhatsApp in recent weeks, where the president of the Signal Co. criticised the messaging app for bringing AI-centric features, which could leak personal information on the web.

It also believes that nobody really wanted these AI features on WhatsApp, where you can create AI stickers, AI images and get responses from AI. Signal has assured its users that the platform will never bring ads for monetisation, and definitely not risk the privacy of users with unique identifying standards.

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