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Samsung To Make Laptops In India From October At Its Greater Noida Factory: Report – News18

Last Updated: September 28, 2023, 08:30 IST

Samsung could use its existing plant to make laptops

Samsung has been manufacturing smartphones in the country at its Greater Noida plant for a few years and now it could make other products.

Samsung has already set up one of the most significant manufacturing units in India for making smartphones, and now reports say the company is expanding the plant in Greater Noida to start making laptops in the country.

The report also points out that Samsung could start manufacturing in October itself. It is likely that Samsung has been smitten by the various incentives on offer from the Indian government and the recent push to restrict laptop imports could have made the company rejig its strategy for laptops in the country.

The report by Mint suggests that expanding the plant will allow Samsung to make around 70,000 laptops every year.

It is interesting that Samsung has decided to make laptops in the country when most of its products aren’t even launched here. In fact, Samsung has only launched the last two Galaxy laptop models in the country and they are not exactly very popular among consumers.

It is likely that Samsung will use the rumoured unit to make laptops and export to other markets. India is becoming the next production hub for major tech companies. Apple has already started planning for life out of China with a focus on countries like Vietnam and India for a gradual increase in production.

The company has been making iPhones for many years now, and it has reached a stage where the company is able to roll out the new iPhone 15 models just a few days after its official launch globally.

Samsung could be following in the same trajectory as it looks to use the available resources in India to expand its production capacity and bring other products into the pipeline.

Samsung has recently launched its Galaxy Z Fold and Flip models in the country that are being assembled here but most of the components are still imported from different parts of the world, which brings heavy duties into the picture. Having local manufacturing would definitely reduce the duty burden and offer consumers a wide range of choices.

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