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Samsung Phones Will Now Offer Security Against Images: What It Means

Last Updated: February 17, 2023, 18:09 IST

Samsung is bringing another security feature

The company has been overhauling its security features for mobile and this is the latest addition.

Android phones are susceptible to hacking and spywares that usually come to the device in the form of an attachment, a web link or images. Samsung has been focused on changing the risks that you face with Android as platforms like Samsung Knox provide the additional layer of security.

Now, the company is bringing another tool that will ensure that all images are first scanned in the background before letting you open them. Samsung is calling it the Message Guard which for now is compatible with Samsung and Google’s messages app.

Zero-day exploits tend to pose a big risk for many smartphone users, even allowing the bad actors to illegally gain access to your device and all the data residing on it. Samsung wants to help prevent that with the Message Guard. Samsung has also mentioned that other third-party apps (hopefully like WhatsApp) will also be offered with the Message Guard, which could prevent a lot of mishaps.

Having said that, for the initial phase of its launch, Samsung is offering the Message Guard for those buying any of the new Galaxy S23 series phones. And later this year, other Galaxy phones will also get the feature. This is yet another useful addition from Samsung that we would like Google to integrate into Android for all devices in the near future.

You can’t expect all mobile users to have the understanding of being careful with content from unknown sources. But features like these can at least minimise any damage caused to the user. Android 14 is going to see a lot of improvements on this front, as third-party app stores could finally work like any other app on Android phones.

We are eager to see how the Message Guard works and whether it reduces the scams and hijacks that people face.

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