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People Hate The New Rs 6,000 FineWoven iPhone 15 Cases: Here’s Why – News18

Last Updated: September 26, 2023, 17:04 IST

Cupertino, California, USA

The new FineWoven iPhone 15 cases are bad

Apple has replaced the leather cases for iPhone 15 series with the new FineWoven fabric which is said to be premium but is it?

Apple announced that it is replacing leather for the iPhone 15 series cases this year with the new FineWoven texture which is said to be environment friendly. But the people buying the new iPhones with these cases are not entirely thrilled by this move and definitely not like the new cases that Apple has launched for the iPhone 15 models.

The company claims FineWoven is a new fabric that is coming to the iPhone 15 cases, holders for AirTag and even the MagSafe wallets. Apple says the new fabric gives it a luxurious touch and adds further appeal to the iPhones. People understandably fell for these claims and bought themselves the FineWoven cases but turns out these are really bad.

By that, we mean the cases don’t look as durable as the leather counterparts, in fact, some buyers have already noticed the iPhone 15 cases wearing off, which is not a good sign when the iPhones had just launched a few weeks back and went on sale less than week ago. You can even hear the frustration among the iPhone 15 buyers on social media, who are not sure how Apple can call this fabric premium when it could tear up in less than a month.

The biggest issue with the case is that it can be susceptible to the smallest of damages which includes your fingernails scratching on the surface, or the keys in your pocket making its presence felt on the case. More importantly, the texture of the fabric is rough enough to catch dust and other particles easily. People say that the leather cases weren’t any durable either but at least the material was not subjected to ageing in this fashion. In fact, the older those cases become, the more pristine they look.

You can’t say that for FineWoven, which is a move in the right direction with respect to the climate and all but when you have to pay over Rs 4,000 for these cases, and you fear for its durability after 6 months, that money just doesn’t feel worth spending on what Apple has to offer this year. That’s where we expect the third-party rugged cases to come to iPhone 15 buyers’ rescue and make them feel comfortable using them whichever way they want.

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