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Opera Like Microsoft Now Ready To Bring ChatGPT To Its Products


Last Updated: February 10, 2023, 20:57 IST

Opera is set to enter the AI chatbot arena by using the popular ChatGPT in its products. The integration will happen later this year and the company has not exactly talked about the details of its plans for the AI chatbot.

The fact that Opera wants to use the capability of ChatGPT hardly comes as a surprise. That’s because of the vote of confidence that Microsoft has given Open AI by investing billions and integrating ChatGPT into Bing and Microsoft Edge browser recently. Opera’s parent company Kunlun Tech confirmed this plan, saying that all of its products will be integrating with ChatGPT, which is likely to include Opera as well.

Opera has a variety of web browsers in the market, and like Microsoft Edge, we expect ChatGPT to make its mark on the Opera browser and probably few other products that the company offers.

To be fair, Opera is not among the top choice of web browsers these days, with a miniscule share among the peers. Google leads the segment with Chrome but when you talk about Opera, the browser is even behind the likes of Mozilla Firefox and Samsung’s Internet browser.

We’ve already seen what integrating ChatGPT could do for a product like Bing that has been around for years but couldn’t compete with the likes of Google in the search arena. Now, with ChatGPT under its wing, Bing has run into a waitlist of people eager to try out the new experience offered by the search engine.

Opera does have other non-browser products as well but we’re not sure how ChatGPT could enhance its profile, performance and image in any way. Apple is still the big absence from all the recent AI talk. The company has reportedly held a secretive meeting with its employees to gauge its readiness in the AI segment but we’ll probably have to wait till the WWDC 2023 later this year to know more about the company’s plans.

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