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OnePlus Confirms Its Foldable Phone Worth Over A Lakh Will Have Pre-Loaded Apps – News18


Last Updated: October 19, 2023, 08:30 IST

OnePlus is bringing bloatware to its foldable

OnePlus is bringing bloatware to its foldable

OnePlus Open foldable is launching this week and right before that the company shares some details that might not please buyers.

OnePlus has given us the clearest hint that its first foldable phone will have bloatware or as we know, pre-loaded apps. The company claims that Open Open will have a small number of pre-installed apps, which is likely to include Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and a few more.

OnePlus defends its decision to pre-load apps on its foldable that is rumoured to cost well over Rs 1 lakh in the market, and its reasoning seems well tuned to the experience of the device. “For the introduction of OnePlus Open, we’ve worked closely with a variety of mainstream app developers to ensure their apps are compatible with our new foldable design, enhancing the user experience,” OnePlus has said in a statement recently.

We have seen other foldable devices in the market so it’s not like OnePlus is bringing something new altogether. In fact, apps like Facebook are already compatible with the foldable devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and even the Google Pixel Fold. So, what special experience can OnePlus offer on basic social media apps?

Granted, apps like Netflix might need to be tweaked to support the high-end displays expected on the OnePlus Open but still, the company’s message here feels ill timed that too before a big launch. “We believe this approach strikes the right balance between delivering a novel and seamless user experience while preserving the stability and security of our products,” the company adds.

We have ostracised other premium brands like Samsung for dishing out ads on their high-end devices, so it is unlikely that OnePlus will get a free pass.

Few years back, you would be surprised to hear OnePlus talk about pre-loaded apps of any nature on its products. But this is a new OnePlus that operates in a different model, which seems to be the reason for this drastic change. We’re eager to see what preloaded apps the OnePlus Open foldable gets in India, and does it really need to be there in the first place to improve the experience, as the company claims.


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