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OnePlus Confirms It Won’t Launch ‘Pro’ Flagship Variants Anymore: What It Means


Last Updated: February 10, 2023, 08:45 IST

Could this be the last OnePlus Pro that we get in the market?

Could this be the last OnePlus Pro that we get in the market?

OnePlus launched the new flagship phone in India this week and also made its debut in other new product categories

The OnePlus 11 has launched globally after its debut in China last month. The company has talked about its flagship-like traits but the affordable nature of the brand has seeped into its strategy once again. That has gotten everyone talking about the existence of the Pro brand and how OnePlus could differentiate it from the vanilla model.

Turns out, OnePlus has decided to end the Pro variant altogether, instead focus on making one quality flagship every year. The company has been quoted saying that we won’t be seeing a OnePlus 11 Pro variant in 2023.

That’s not all, OnePlus is now keen on streamlining its portfolio, which means that half-yearly T edition also goes away. “Starting with our 2023 lineup, we are streamlining the flagship portfolio in North America (and globally) by removing our Pro lineup. In our opinion, you don’t need to have a ‘Pro’ name for a device that’s already ‘pro’,” OnePlus was quoted saying in this Android Authority report.

So does that mean OnePlus 11 will be the sole flagship device from the company this year? While OnePlus didn’t confirm or deny, it is possible that the company sees foldable as its next main agenda for later this year. OnePlus has already teased its foldable phone coming in Q3 2023 on the sidelines of the global OnePlus 11 launch this week.

The strategy to cut its phone models could also be part of the broader ambition to become an ecosystem. OnePlus has TVs, smartwatches and phones in the market, now it is adding tablets and a Wi-Fi router as well. Having these many products in its catalogue and then having three flagship phones in a year might not be feasible.

This is where we feel the R edition comes into play, targeting markets like India where a Rs 40,000 OnePlus phone packing solid features might do well compared to a Rs 60,000 smartphone.

Having said that, OnePlus making claims that the OnePlus 11 as all the Pro attributes doesn’t make sense to us, especially since the phone comes without any IP68 rating, doesn’t support wireless charging and the cameras are not exactly true flagship-grade. We do like the company reverting back to its older form but how it plans to dabble in all these categories is something that we keen to observe in the coming years.

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