You are currently viewing MrBeast overtakes PewDiePie to become most subscribed YouTuber in the world — Read more

MrBeast overtakes PewDiePie to become most subscribed YouTuber in the world — Read more


New Delhi: YouTuber Mr Beast has become the most subscribed Individual YouTuber around the world, beating the popular PewDiePie, according to gaming and esports website Dexerto. MrBeast has now over 112 million subscribers, while PewDiePie has retained around 111 million subscribers. The ranking has been done on the basis of individual YouTuber, not as an organization channel. It is to be noted that Indian T-Series is still the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world with over 229 Million subscribers.

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Tweeting about the big feat by YouTuber MrBeast, Dexerto wrote Mr Beast has overtaken PewDiePie and is now the most subscribed YouTuber. It has shared a video showing how MrBeast numbers of subscribers have surpassed PewDiePie.

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MrBeast had posted his achievement of crossing 100 Million subscribers on YouTube on Twitter. He wrote in the tweet, “Over a million people celebrated 100,000,000 subscribers with me . YouTube is the one thing that’s always made me happy and I’m grateful I get to do this all day everyday.”

Who is MrBeast?

Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast is an American popular YouTuber that creates YouTube content on different genres including live-streaming gaming, reactions, strange challenges, etc. His channel hit 100 Million mark not long ago on July 29.

YouTuber and PewDiePie spat

Back then in 2019, PewDiePie, the then most subscribed YouTuber and T-series had fought for the dominance on the platform. T-Series was gaining a lot of subscribers and it had reached very close to PewDiePie in the matter of number of subscribers. This sparked a moment among Indians to beat PewDiePie by subscribing T-Series YouTube channel in mass number. Finally, T-series YouTube channel had overtaken PewDiePie and become the most subscribed channel in the platform. It is now till date.


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