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Microsoft Finally Blocks Free Windows 11 Update Option For Windows 7 Users – News18

Last Updated: October 12, 2023, 14:55 IST

Redmond, Washington State, USA

Windows 7 users cannot upgrade to 11 version for free

Microsoft says that old Windows PC users need to pay for the Windows 11 key to activate it for their device from now.

Microsoft is now blocking the free passage for Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to the latest Windows 11 version. Many people have been able to use their old Windows 7 or 8 activation key to upgrade to Windows 11 and now the company has ended this loophole.

Old Windows PC users will now need to get a Windows 11 key to use the new version, which means they will have to pay a fee to get Windows 11 for their PC.

As confirmed to The Verge by Microsoft, Windows 7 keys are now completely blocked from letting you install Windows 11 for free. Activating the key is essential to register your system with the Microsoft database and if the key is not accepted, the Windows version running on your system is rendered invalid.

The company had warned users about this change some time last month but now the changes have come into effect, which means Windows 11 upgrade is now payable for old Windows users. The good news is that all the Windows 7 or 8 users who used the old keys to activate Windows 11 for PCs will have no issues using the version as it has been digitally authorised to run on the said machine.

For everyone else looking to use Windows 11 on their PC, it is time to buy the key that will upgrade your system. We’re not sure what prompted Microsoft to make this change now, but in some ways, it is likely that the company is now satisfied with the Windows 11 upgrade cycle for old PCs and now prefers to make money from its licensed operating system for old compatible devices.

Microsoft decided to offer Windows 11 upgrade to select old PCs. It needed the system to have TPU 2.0 enabled, which isn’t the case with millions of old Windows PCs, forcing them to upgrade to a new machine just to get the latest Windows version and its features.

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