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Jio True5G Developer Platform And Jio True5G Lab: What Is It And All Details – News18


Last Updated: August 28, 2023, 16:46 IST

Reliance Jio has become a complete tech solution provider that is not only limited to the consumers but equally focused on its network for business as well. The telco’s digital platform is now geared up to take the next step and build a new platform that allows enterprises and tech startups to engage in the digital world.

Jio has announced its Jio True 5G Developer platform that will cater to the needs of local enterprises and small businesses, and offer them a wholesome comprehensive platform that combines the strength of the Jio 5G network, edge computing and a host of applications.

“Today, we are announcing the Jio True5G Developer Platform, a comprehensive platform combining our 5G network, edge computing, and a spectrum of applications and services,” as announced by Akash Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Jio at the Reliance AGM 2023.

He talked about the need for businesses to have control over activating network slices as per their demand and Jio will help them deploy the applications using its multi-access compute locations and a diverse set of partners. Akash Ambani also mentioned that having the fusion of a 5G network, edge computing and other applications will help Indian businesses in a transformative way, who don’t need to rely on multiple tools anymore.

“Jio True5G Developer Platform enables secure, quick deployment of 5G Edge compute and low-latency applications, enabling faster autonomous decisions, immersive experiences, and real-time Edge AI,” he explained.

All these implementations will not only accelerate innovation for the enterprises but also help them operate at a reduced cost. “And through the Jio True5G marketplace, our partners can integrate their offerings and develop tailored solutions that cater to specific needs,” he adds.

New 5G lab at Reliance Corporate Park

In addition to sharing details about the Jio True 5G Developer Platform, Akash Ambani also announced the Jio True5G Lab, which is a facility based out of the Reliance Corporate Park. This unit will help the telco to develop new 5G solutions with help from its industry partners, who can later test and deploy the applications as well. The new 5G Lab will act as the nerve centre for shaping India’s 5G future.

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