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iPhone 15 Pro’s Spatial Video: What Is It And When Is It Launching? – News18

iPhone 15 Pro models will support Spatial Video later this year. (Image: Apple)

The iPhone 15 Pro models from Apple are expected to receive a new ‘Spatial Video’ feature later this year. Here’s how it will work.

During its recent ‘Wonderlust’ iPhone 15 event, Apple revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro would feature support for capturing ‘Spatial Video,’ enabling users to create 3D-like videos for playback in Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset. However, Apple only briefly mentioned this feature without diving into the details.

Here, we explain how the Spatial Video feature works and how it uses the iPhone 15 Pro’s camera system.

To begin, the iPhone 15 Pro uses both the main camera lens and the ultrawide lens to capture combined video, creating a stereoscopic effect. However, there is still limited information about the practical applications of this feature, aside from offering a 3D-like perspective for reliving memories with the Vision Pro headset. 

It’s important to note that this feature will not be available on the iPhone 15 Pro at launch and is expected to launch “later this year.” Apple says, “Users will be able to capture precious moments in three dimensions and relive those memories with incredible depth on Apple Vision Pro when it becomes available early next year in the US.”

Therefore, due to the limited availability of the Vision Pro headset, there is a caveat associated with Spatial Video: it may not be useful for users outside the US and a few initial launch regions unless it has additional use cases beyond playback in the Vision Pro headset. Apple Vision Pro will be available next year, in 2024, and will retail for $3499 (around Rs 2,88,000) in the United States.

It remains to be seen if users will be able to play Spatial Videos on their iPhones and if these videos will be editable in popular editing programs such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

We can expect Apple to provide more information about this feature when it fully launches later this year, including if a functional similar to this exists for clicking photos as well.

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