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iPhone 15 Pro Max Screen Burn Issue Could Be Fixed With iOS 17.1 Update: All Details – News18


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Last Updated: October 19, 2023, 10:23 IST

Cupertino, California, USA

The iOS 17.1 is nearing launch.

The iOS 17.1 is nearing launch.

Apple is going to release the iOS 17.1 fix for Apple users experiencing ‘burn-in’ issues with their iPhone 15 series.

Apple is all set to launch its iOS 17.1 update for supported iPhones. This will evidently be the first major update since iOS 17 rolled out last month for all iPhones, including iPhones launched in 2018 and later.

However, aside from the usual optimizations, Apple is also said to be addressing the alleged display image persistence problem plaguing the iPhone 15 models, as per MacRumors.

This comes after multiple iPhone 15 series users reportedly came forward with reports of an OLED burn-in-like situation. In this issue, iPhone 15 models, through the presence of a bug, suggest a false alarm for the user—essentially a software issue that accidentally emulates an OLED burn-in problem. But considering that the software bugs are an issue with iOS, any users experiencing burn-in should now feel relieved as iOS 17.1 aims to solve this problem.

iOS 17.1 has reportedly already rolled out as Release candidate (RC) and hence, the official public release should not be too far off for the masses.

With that said, the likelihood of burn-in happening with iPhones that are less than a month old—is highly unlikely, as these newer panels are rated to withstand the test of time.

MacRumors further notes that Apple will also address other bugs, such as the significant location privacy settings resetting when transferring and pairing an Apple Watch for the first time. Some users also reported that custom purchased ringtones did not reflect even after being purchased. 


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