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iPhone 15 Pro Buyers Should You Take AppleCare In India: Here’s How Much You Pay – News18

Last Updated: September 19, 2023, 12:11 IST

AppleCare+ can provide valuable benefits to iPhone 15 Pro buyers in India, helping them save on potential high repair costs.

AppleCare+ is the ideal insurance plan for iPhone 15 buyers who can get multiple benefits and save them the high repair cost.

The new iPhone 15 series in India starts from Rs 79,900 but if you are eyeing the popular iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max, the budget shoots up to well over Rs 1.3 lakh and Rs 1.6 lakh, respectively, this year. At these exorbitant prices, you could say that any damage to the iPhone could be heart and wallet-breaking. Reports do claim that Apple has overhauled the design of the iPhone 15 series which makes it cheaper to repair but that phrase could be in relevance to the Apple ecosystem. Even then, if you have butterfingers but still like to own the latest and the most premium iPhone, then we suggest you pay that extra for AppleCare+ for better assurance against such mishaps.

What Is AppleCare+

When you buy a car or a bike, insurance is paramount, legally. But that doesn’t fit into the equation when we talk about phones. However, if you are paying 1.5 lakh for an iPhone, insurance won’t be the worst idea, which is what AppleCare provides to consumers. By paying some additional money, Apple offers 2 years extra warranty over the regular one-year protection that you get. The company also gives you coverage against accidental damage to your iPhone. So, the next time you drop the iPhone, make sure the device is covered by AppleCare.

How Much AppleCare+ Costs In India

AppleCare+ price in India has been reduced this year for all iPhone models, which means, you have one more reason to consider insuring your phone. If you own the latest iPhone 15 Pro or the 15 Pro Max, the AppleCare+ will cost you Rs 20,900 but you also get some additional benefits. If you have the iPhone 14 Plus or 15 Plus, Apple will charge you Rs 17,900 for AppleCare+ coverage. Similarly, if you use the iPhone 13, 14 or iPhone 15 you have to spend Rs 14,900 for AppleCare+ protection.

AppleCare+ Coverage: What It Offers

Most of you might be thinking Rs 14,000 to Rs 20,000 is a lot for insuring the iPhone, but Apple does make it worthwhile for the owners with the following benefits:

Reliable Support In Many Ways

– Apple will offer priority access to the iPhone owner with AppleCare+ and connect them with experts via chat or call.

– The company gives same-day service in major cities across the globe.

– You can get the iPhone picked up and returned via its scheduled delivery service.

– Visit the Apple Store to get the iPhone repaired

Insurance Covers Everything

AppleCare+ also means that you get service for the repair or replacement of any part but only through the authorised technicians approved by Apple. The plan includes the iPhone, battery, which is applicable when the battery health of your iPhone drops below 80 per cent. The company also gives protection against unlimited incidents of accidental damage to your iPhone. You are charged a service fee of Rs 2,500 for screen or back glass damage, going up to Rs 8,900 for other accidental damages.

When you keep these things in mind, and calculate the overall expenses you might have to bear for major damages, AppleCare+ at these prices for the iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max is a worthy deal.

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