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iPhone 14 Dynamic Island Will Soon Offer Google Maps Turn-By-Turn Navigation


Last Updated: February 09, 2023, 17:08 IST

Google finally brings Maps to Live Activities

Google finally brings Maps to Live Activities

Live Activities was introduced with the iOS 16 version but third party apps have only become compatible after the iOS 16.1 version.

iPhones with the Dynamic Island will soon offer turn-by-turn navigation provided by Google Maps. Apple introduced the feature called Live Activities for the dynamic notch design on the iPhone 14 Pro series, and now Google has signed up for the platform and is bringing its applications to iPhone users via Google Maps.

Google made the announcement this week, which means iPhone users can use their iOS 16-running 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max models and get the turn-by-turn navigation feature on the notch or even the lock screen.

You will get real-time ETAs for your destinations, along with the turn by turn directions while you drive, ride a bike, walk or even take the public transport (in some countries). Having this running on the Dynamic Island means you can long-press the wide notch to open the full app with more details.

Google has shared the details but we still have no idea about its application via Live Activities for iPhone users and how the Maps interface will look in real-time. As you might be aware, Apple introduced Live Activities with the iOS 16 version, and third-party developers had to wait for the iOS 16.1 version to integrate their respective applications to the platform.

Apple brought the Dynamic Island with the iPhone 14 Pro series in 2022 and showed its potential via multiple demos of apps like Spotify, Apple Maps and more. With the third-party apps now slowly coming on board, Apple will finally get the chance to showcase the versatility and functional use of the new screen tech.

Google has also introduced a new immersive design of the Maps that will be coming to select countries for now. Maps is a popular tool used by millions of Android and iOS users and with the advent of electric vehicles picking up, it wants to help people find fast chargers in their area.

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