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Indian Internet Users Ready To Ditch Current ISPs For Better Service, Price: Report – News18

Frequent challenges plague internet users in India.

A recent survey reveals that many Indian internet users aim to change their ISP for improved quality and pricing due to frequent service disruptions.

As internet services continue to expand in India, with major investments planned by carriers to improve and scale their fiber infrastructure, consumers, who are at the receiving end of these services, are still experiencing issues with their internet connections due to various reasons, including weather-related disruptions and poor maintenance, as suggested by a LocalCircles report.

LocalCircles revealed that it conducted a national survey to understand the customer outlook on the current broadband/fiber/DSL services. Moreover, it received over 51,000 responses from broadband/fixed-line internet consumers located across 303 districts of India. Out of these respondents, 67% were men, while 33% were women, and 46% were from tier 1, 32% from tier 2, and 22% from tier 3 & 4 districts.

Here are the major highlights from the survey:

When asked how often users generally experience issues with their internet in a month, out of the 13,480 respondents, 79% of people said they had issues with their internet at least once or more a month, and 21% of fiber/broadband/DSL/fixed-line users claimed to face problems with their internet more than 3 times in a month.

The survey also focused on the specific issues customers are facing while using these connections. Out of the 11,672 respondents, 56% of people said that the top issue was not getting the promised speed and facing service disruption issues. However, 30% of people admitted to having no issues at all with their connection.

Another major concern with ISPs is the service resolution time after a user, who could be a student or working professional, reports a problem. While it is not surprising, out of the total 13,646 responses, 46% of fiber/broadband/DSL/fixed-line internet users said that it takes 24 hours to resolve the ticket, and 2% of responses even suggested that it took more than 7 days for their ISP to fix their issue.

Due to all these problems, including frequent disruptions, speed issues, and long resolution times, customers are also ready to switch to another ISP. LocalCircles added that it asked users what it would take for them to switch to a different ISP, and in response, out of 12,522 responses, 70% of consumers stated that they would switch for better quality, service, or price.

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