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India Pushes Deadline For Laptop Import Restrictions: Here’s What It Says Now – News18

Last Updated: September 25, 2023, 16:51 IST

India has decided the earlier deadline to restrict imports was not going to work

Laptop brands were supposed to get license to import products into the country but the deadline has been extended for multiple reasons.

The deadline to impose restrictions on laptop imports in India has been extended as the manufacturers are finding it hard to meet the new regulations in a short time. The first deadline was set for November 1 this year, which was unlikely to be enough for brands to comply with in the first place.

The new deadline is unclear as of now but the conditions are reportedly changing so that brands like Apple, Samsung and Dell among others can continue to ship their products and cater to the possible demand that will arise during the festive season in the coming weeks.

The decision to push the deadline seems to have been taken after the IT hardware industry officials met with Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who is the Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology. The restrictions were being put on laptop imports to encourage local manufacturing, which was not going to happen overnight.

Brands like Apple and Samsung have reportedly talked about the limited business sense for setting up in the country, but it is possible the company could use India as the manufacturing hub for its exports if needed. The country is also setting up PLI worth crores which will give the manufacturers the incentive for domestic production.

The new rules for laptop makers from November 1 were going to limit their scope to import products and the brands were supposed to register with the import department to get the license to import the products. These changes would have forced companies to reduce their imports, which could have put a massive burden on the product demand, forcing retailers to increase the prices of laptops.

Having a mechanism in place to support the import registry is paramount and it is evident that the government wasn’t sure of pulling it off in the next 30 days or so.

The extension will definitely come as a relief to the brands but just because the restrictions don’t come into effect from November doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the next six months. For now, these brands can continue operating in the usual fashion but the change is imminent and the companies would sooner rather than later have to comply with these restrictions and start making in India.

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