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HMD Global Now Plans To Make Non-Nokia Branded Smartphones: All Details – News18

Last Updated: September 15, 2023, 08:00 IST

Nokia phones are sold by HMD Global

HMD Global had exclusive rights to make Nokia-branded phones in the market which has now ended, allowing the company to have other partners.

The makers of Nokia Android phones are now going to make devices under a new brand. The company’s CEO shared this update via post this week, confirming that the new brand will co-exist with Nokia in the market. It seems HMD Global had a six-year exclusive partnership to make Nokia-branded phones and going by the statement given here, the company is now free to make its own branded phones.

The interesting part is that HMD Global has not divulged the details about the new brand and when the new phones will be launched. The company got the brand license to use Nokia and manufacture smartphones.

HMD Global has relied on Foxconn for making the Nokia Android smartphones and it is likely that the new brand will also use the same vendor for making phones. HMD Global was started by ex-Nokia executives with the aim to rechristen the brand and bring Android-powered phones to the market.

We’ve seen a slew of Nokia phones across different price ranges that have shown promise but none that really managed to grab a major chunk of the market. Even in countries like India, Nokia phones have predominantly focused on the budget and mid-tier segment and a couple of premium flagships that have shown their versatility and innovative touch.

It wasn’t long back when Nokia and Zeiss Optics had a solid partnership to deliver quality cameras on phones but the latter has now moved on to Vivo where it has worked on premium camera phones. Nokia has stopped making flagship phones, so the end of the tie-up didn’t really surprise people.

HMD Global has been upfront about its plans and strategy, talking about the need to make affordable 5G phones and also have a special focus on sustainability by using materials which help the environment. We have mostly seen Nokia C and G series phones launching in the past 12 months. We now wait to see if the brand takes a different direction with its new phone series.

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