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HearSight, A Revolutionary AI Aid For Visually Impaired To Be Launched Soon

For those living without the precious gift of eye-sight, a revolutionary gadget aiding such people to virtually see and discover the world is in the offing. This groundbreaking gadget powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to change the lives of visually impaired people by describing the visual world through spoken words.

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, this exceptional gadget — HearSight –boasts several unique features. Among the most important element regarding the usage of this gadget is non-requirement of internet connection. HearSight can be operated without an internet connection which means that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

1. Navigation: It serves as a trusty guide, aiding users in safely crossing roads and navigating unfamiliar terrains.

2. Face Recognition: With the capacity to register up to 100 faces in its database, this device can help users identify people by name when they encounter them.

3. Currency Identification: It can discern and relay information about currency notes, enhancing financial independence.

“This versatile device can proficiently converse in seven different languages. The result of five years of dedicated research, it can also seamlessly connect to a mobile app for extended functionality,” said Timothy Vedanayagam, CEO, Hear sight.

Proudly designed and manufactured in India, HearSight is set to launch at an affordable price point, ranging from Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000.

This multi-functional marvel for visually impaired person is set to be launched next month. HearSight can unlock a world of possibilities for these people by Navigating busy streets, identifying currency notes, or recognizing familiar faces.

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