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Govt Warns Citizens About Smishing Scam: How To Protect Against This Online Threat


New Delhi: Indian government has warned against a new scam called ‘Smishing’, which is a portmanteau of SMS and Phishing. It uses misleading texts to trick you into revealing confidential information. As the reliance on mobile phones grows, smishing has emerged as a significant threat, requiring individuals to stay vigilant and informed.

Smishing scams often masquerade as legitimate communication from trusted sources, such as banks, government agencies, or well-known brands. These messages often create a sense of urgency, compelling recipients to take immediate action. They might request personal information like credit card numbers, social security details, or login credentials, under the guise of security verification or account updates.

If you also become a victim of Smishing inadvertently, you can dial 1930 to report online financial fraud and report any cybercrime at

As saying goes that precaution is better than treatment, hence, it’s better to avoid clicking on suspicious links or sharing personal information over text messages, especially if they are unsolicited.

What is Cyber Stalking?

It entails repeatedly using online methods to harass or intimidate or frighten an individual or group.

How can you protect yourself against cyber stalking?

You should avoid posting personal information like images, location, etc. with ‘public’ visibility.

You should cautious before accepting friend requests from unknown individuals.

Removing digital footprints is difficult. So, think before sharing.  


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