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Google Layoffs 2023: Employee Gets Fired at 2 AM, Was Feeding New Born Baby


New Delhi: Being fired from a job that you gave all of your energy to is a traumatic experience that is difficult to get over. And this stress is multiplied tenfold when you are holding a newborn child who is completely dependent on you for everything. A former Google employee experienced a similar situation when he learned of his termination while caring for his infant daughter at 2 in the morning.

People are expressing their concerns and sending him well wishes after his story went viral on LinkedIn. The person, Nicholas Dufau, pens down his experience on LinkedIn. (Also Read: Google Layoffs 2023: HR Fired From Company While Interviewing a New Candidate to Hire for Job Role)

He started the article by stating that he recently became a father to a newborn girl and that his Google coworkers had showered him with “love emoticons and virtual confetti, wishing him luck on his paternity leave.” (Also Read: Google Layoffs 2023: Ali Neil was on Mental Health Leave, Receives Sacking Mail at 2 AM)

But a few days later, while feeding the baby at two in the morning on a Friday, he learned that he had lost his job.

“While caring for my child at two in the morning on Friday, I discovered that I was no longer able to access my Google business accounts. I received a canned email telling me I was fired,” he stated.

The former Google employee explained the experience and how it affected him, writing, “Every layoff hurts—the timing of my encounter, however, not only made me feel intensely expendable, it made me feel foolish.

Fortunately, a lot of my old coworkers have sent their best wishes and condolences, all the while they are still navigating what I’m sure are turbulent times at Google. Naturally, my wonderful wife and my amazing kid have also been here to cheer me up and comfort me.

They have demonstrated to me that, despite any challenges I may be experiencing, I still have a great deal to be grateful for.


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