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Google And Qualcomm Are Teaming Up, Can They Make The Best Apple Watch Rival? – News18

Last Updated: October 19, 2023, 12:51 IST

Google is trying its luck again to compete with Apple Watch

Google has tried everything to compete with Apple Watch and now it wants a reliable hardware partner to make it happen.

Apple Watch faces yet another challenge from Google which now has Qualcomm on its side. Both the tech giants are joining hands to build the ideal Apple Watch rival and develop a chip that can offer reliable performance and efficiency for Wear OS smartwatches.

Apple Watch is the undisputed market leader which can command a premium price tag and deliver value to those using iPhones. But Wear OS watches have had less success with their repeated tweaks in formula and strategy that puts it in a no man’s land.

Google has been trying its best to rework the software first with Samsung and now Qualcomm seems to be the ideal hardware ally to develop the perfect final product. Both these companies are going to develop a chip from the ground-up and use it for Wear OS smartwatches.

The companies say they are working on RISC-V based Snapdragon Wear chipset for the Wear OS smartwatches launching in the near future that could start with the Pixel Watch 3 maybe? Using the RISC-V tech allows these chip giants to develop their own architecture without relying on resources from ARM for which they have to pay a royalty.

The Wear OS watches have improved over the past few years and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 series show these changes. Even the Pixel Watch 2 is rumoured to give better performance and battery life (yet to test those claims). There have been quite a few false dawns for Wear OS over the years and it feels like another attempt to dislodge the invincible which hopefully works in favour of the consumers.

Now it remains to be seen if Google and Qualcomm along with Samsung can pair up to give a tough fight to Apple Watch and make a compelling product that could appeal to both Android and iPhone users across the globe.

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