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Facebook Blocks More Than 10 Fake ChatGPT Apps Trying To Frame Users


New Delhi: More than 10 bogus ChatGPT apps that were created to defraud users have been blocked by Facebook, the parent company of social media behemoth Meta, according to Mashable website. The business has found that con artists are using the public’s interest with ChatGPT, an AI-based language model, to persuade people into downloading malicious software and browser add-ons.

By taking advantage of people’s faith in ChatGPT, the cybercriminals behind these fraudulent apps are launching attacks and compromising accounts all over the internet. Once a user downloads the malicious software, the attackers can keep developing new strategies to get around security measures.

To counter this issue, Meta has identified and prevented the sharing of over 1,000 different malicious URLs on their apps. The business has also informed the file-sharing platforms where the malware was hosted about them so that they can take the necessary action as well, reported Mashable.

The prevalence of online fraud is making the internet more dangerous, and even social media behemoths like Meta are now alerting users to the risks of fake ChatGPT apps. Users must use caution and only download ChatGPT applications from reputable websites.


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