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Ex-Google Engineer Claims Bard AI Release Was Delayed For A Reason: Here’s The Answer


Last Updated: May 01, 2023, 17:54 IST

AI is a big part of Google's business

AI is a big part of Google’s business

He was part of the AI team at Google that has been working on different applications.

ChatGPT is the runway hit in the AI chatbot race by some distance but that’s also because other tech giants have failed to work quickly on their AI solutions, especially Google. The company released Bard AI much later than ChatGPT and the launch didn’t go as planned because the AI chatbot had issues with responding to queries, and when it did, the tone and the context of the replies were inadequate.

The failure of Bard even resulted in a big loss in the market for Google with its valuation dropping worryingly. Now, we are getting details about Google’s supposed plans in the AI arena courtesy one of its ex-engineers and part of the AI team, Blake Lemoine.

Speaking in an interview recently, Lemoine mentioned that Google has been working on Bard since mid-2021. The company didn’t have a name for it back then and also was skeptical about releasing the AI chatbot owing to safety concerns.

His revelation suggests Google had Bard ready for public release at the same time ChatGPT came out from OpenAI. Google decided against its launch because of safety concerns that Lemoine had raised. He claims Google has been building ‘far more advanced technology’ that is yet to be released.

Lemoine is also quick to refute suggestions that the launch of ChatGPT had ruffled feathers at Google, prompting them to alter their plans. He says Google is not being pushed around by the OpenAI chatbot, instead the tech giant wants to operate in a safe and responsible manner with its focus on AI in the sector.

Lemoine was part of the AI team at Google who was first suspended then fired for claiming that Google had developed an AI chatbot that had gone sentient. He also mentioned that chatbot thinks and behaves like a human.

Google clearly didn’t like his behaviour and decided to rebuke those claims to ease the concerns in the industry. But even today it is obvious that for an AI giant like Google, things haven’t been smooth. In a recent interview, Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, confirmed that the company plans to bring AI into search and its other products for the consumers.

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