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Elon Musk Says WhatsApp Can’t Be Trusted Following Alleged Microphone Use Claim

New Delhi: Tech billionaire Elon Musk has raised concerns over trust and authenticity on the communication app WhatsApp. He shared a tweet from Foad Dabiri, who allegedly claimed that the app was using his microphone in the background while he was asleep.

“WhatsApp has been using the microphone in the background, while I was asleep and since I woke up at 6AM (and that’s just a part of the timeline!) What’s going on?” Dabiri wrote in a tweet and shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp microphone usage timeline, which appeared to show when and for how long the app was using the microphone.

In response to the user, Musk stated, “WhatsApp cannot be trusted.”

WhatsApp Internation Call Scam

Indian users across the country are complaining to receive the calls from unknown international numbers randomly, trying to dupe them into scams. As per reports, these calls, both audio and video, are coming from countries like Malaysia, Kenya, Vietnam , Ethiopia, etc.

“At WhatsApp, the safety of our users is at the core of everything we do and we have devoted efforts to empower users with resources and tools that equip them to safeguard themselves from scams. WhatsApp is an industry leader in preventing abuse, among end-to-end encrypted messaging services and over the years we have made significant product investments and launched user awareness campaigns that empower users to stay safe. Blocking and Reporting suspicious messages/ calls is an important step to effectively combat scams and when users receive calls from unknown international or domestic phone numbers.” WhatsApp said in a statement to media.

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