You are currently viewing Dell Explores New Investments in Bengaluru R&D Centre as Karnataka Woos Top US Companies – News18

Dell Explores New Investments in Bengaluru R&D Centre as Karnataka Woos Top US Companies – News18

Dell, the Texas-based technology giant, may be planning fresh investment in its cutting-edge Research and Development (R&D) centre located in Bengaluru. The company already operates a prominent R&D centre in the city. At the global level, Dell operates around 25 manufacturing facilities, with 14 of these dedicated to R&D.

On Friday, a high-level delegation from Dell — headed by Michael Dundas, responsible for Global Manufacturing Operations and Technology, Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs Alan Richey and Director of Asia Pacific and Japan (Government Affairs, and Public Policy) Tabrez Ahmad — convened in Austin, Texas to meet Karnataka Minister for Large and Medium Industries & Infrastructure, MB Patil.

During the crucial meeting, Dell not only deliberated on its potential investment, but also conveyed its requirements concerning players and suppliers in the Electronics System Development and Maintenance (ESDM) ecosystem within the state.

Simultaneously, the Karnataka business delegation embarked on a mission in the US to attract investments to the state. Accompanying MB Patil were Dr S Selvakumar, Principal Secretary to the Government, Department of Commerce and Industries, and Gunjan Krishna, the Commissioner for Industrial Development and Director of Industries and Commerce.

The delegation engaged in discussions with leading semiconductor manufacturing company, Global Foundries (GF), which expressed a keen interest in expanding its workforce in Bengaluru by recruiting an additional 200 skilled workers. Further, GF has also expressed interest in establishing and broadening its footprint in the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) sector within Karnataka, indicating plans for in-depth engagement to formulate an all-encompassing business strategy.

Adding to the itinerary, the delegation, under Patil’s leadership, participated in a Business Roundtable event hosted by the US-India Chamber of Commerce and AKKA, jointly organized by TiE Austin and the Austin Chamber of Commerce. This event drew in approximately 60 entrepreneurs, including senior Vice Presidents and CEOs, fostering constructive discussions on various facets of trade and commerce.

Preceding these, Patil held strategic discussions with MKS Instruments, a leading provider of foundational technology solutions, and Aptiv Plc, an Irish-American automotive technology supplier.

In talks with MKS Instruments, Patil explored promising avenues for technological advancement in areas such as vacuum and photonics. Moreover, he emphasized the expansion of software engineering capabilities and the availability of a highly skilled workforce.

The discussions also delved into the exploration of connections with potential suppliers for MKS. Critical subjects such as corporate tax rates, wage structures, and intellectual property rights were also on the agenda.

With Aptiv Plc, the minister extended an invitation to explore the feasibility of establishing an R&D centre in Mysuru and Hubballi-Dharward. These discussions also revolved around the development of a local supplier base for semiconductors and the establishment of connections with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Additionally, there were talks about assembly, testing, marking, and packaging (ATMP) for Aptiv’s products within Karnataka.

The delegation’s engagements extended to meetings with State Street, an American financial services company, and Orbia, a fluorinated solutions provider, which discussed exploring the potential use of fluorine in energy materials and potential collaborations within the EV value chain, opportunities for ethylene production, and the manufacturing of pipes for drip irrigation projects. The company also held conversations regarding government support needed for land plots in the existing manufacturing plant in the state.

During discussions with State Street, Patil delved into the growth potential of the financial services industry and its capacity to bolster financial services assets. The talks also encompassed government support for banking licenses and the streamlining of approval processes for joint ventures to enhance the ease of doing business. There was also a dialogue surrounding assistance in talent acquisition for Global Capability Centers.

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