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Chrome, Firefox And Other Web Browsers Should Be Updated Right Away: Here’s Why – News18

Last Updated: September 16, 2023, 07:00 IST

Chrome, Firefox and apps like Signal have been caught in this issue

Millions of users have been warned to update their web browsers and Android apps right away to fix the security issue.

There is a major security threat for web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Brave among others and companies are asking users to update their browsers right away. The issue is serious because security experts warn that the vulnerability is potent enough to easily let hackers gain access to your computers. They can gain remote access to push malicious code on the system to get confidential data from targeted users.

The worrying part is that companies feel the issue has already been exploited. The problem is widespread and not just limited to the web browsers that millions use across their PCs and mobiles.

Reports say the vulnerability is linked to a code that is used to render WebP images, which might sound technical but is widely used in the background. Google, Mozilla and Microsoft have issued their respective browser updates and here are the details that will help you check for the secure version.

– Google Chrome version 116.0.5846.187 for Mac and Linux users

– Google Chrome version 116.0.5845.188 for Windows users

– Firefox version 117.0.1, Firefox ESR 102.15.1, and Firefox ESR 115.2.1

– Edge version 116.0.1938.81

You can check the browser version on your PC by going to the settings hidden in the three-dot menu at the top-right. It seems Apple had also issued a patch to fix the issue, which could be the iOS 16.6.1 and iPadOS 16.6.1 Rapid Security Response update that was released with a security warning for millions of users earlier this week on September 11.

But the security issue was not limited to web browsers, as secure messaging apps like Signal and Telegram also got an update for the problem, along with apps like LibreOffice, Gimp and other Android apps. Security issues are rampant as hackers find it easy to gain access to devices because of these vulnerabilities. While it is good to have a fix for the problem, the fact that the issue has been exploited does raise some concerns and hopefully it doesn’t end up like a major event.

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