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ChatGPT Just Showed Google A New Way To Get Richer


Let’s be direct. What we have seen or heard about ChatGPT doesn’t even scratch the surface. No, tech companies are not investing billions of dollars just to help you create memes or plan your dinner party for FREE.

If you follow the money trail then you may realise as to why Google and Microsoft, particularly, is racing to embrace Generative AI or ChatGPT-like bots

The answer is simple. Tech companies found a new business model that is not based on advertisements. Very soon, you may have to pay to search for information on the internet. Sadly, the majority of internet users rely on Google and Microsoft to search.

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Remember, how cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, iCloud and others were presented to us? Tech companies said, hey cloud is so cool, upload everything on Google Drive, Photos ,’s all free..

A decade later, we have smartphones with awesome 200 megapixel cameras that deliver photos with a file size of around 20MB. But your free iCloud or Google Drive storage is still 5GB or 15GB. You are actually expected to pay Google, Apple and others to store your own photos and emails.

Of course, you can choose not to pay if you are okay with the frustrating experience of juggling with hard drives and multiple Google accounts.

It’s simple, in the near future, search may no longer be free. Or, just to sound politically correct, generative AI-based search engines will be free to a certain extent only.

Google processes nearly 9 billion search queries per day. 9 billion. 9 billion things are searched on Google every day for FREE. From that 9 billion searches if Google can even monetise even 1% every day…Google may actually be able to buy Europe entirely.

While we were all rooting for ChatGPT, it was just the trailer.

ChatGPT is not the only Generative AI bot that is out there in the market. Just because you only heard about ChatGPT doesn’t mean the world ends with ChatGPT. There are many alternatives to ChatGPT already out there. And not Generative AI for text search…there are already AI platforms that can create images and videos as well.

If you want your pet dog talking to talk like Brian from The Family Guy, you can get that done too, provided you pay. Or, if you want to create a game or app, just ask the right questions to the bot. It’s all about what you can imagine, what you want and how much you are ready to pay.

Companies like Google, Microsoft and others will roll out a freemium model for their search engines in the next couple of years. While the typical ad-driven Google Search or Microsoft Bing will most likely continue to remain free, you may have to pay to use Generative AI-based search. And the hints are already visible if you see ChatGPT’s subscription page.

So, here’s a theory as to how Google, Microsoft and others may charge you for searching for information on their platforms.

Of course, you will be given some free credits to begin with. Say for example, Google gives everyone $15 worth of credits for free to start using Generative AI-based Google Search

Now, the moment you ask a question to this bot, Google will identify how much computing power or FLOPS will be required to answer your answer.

Obviously, the computing power required for answering questions like “Will it rain tomorrow” and “Write a Javascript function to print out hashed passwords” will not be the same.

Some answers may cost you a few cents while other complex answers may cost you a lot more.

Now, the moment you finish your FREE $15 worth of credit, you will be asked to pay up to continue. And if you are hooked to getting instant answers without doing your own research or studying then you will most likely pay Google.

ChatGPT is just the bait. All of us got excited while big tech companies are figuring out a way to make money online without just relying on advertisements. But if you look at the broader picture, Google or its parent Alphabet is eyeing profits and people love ChatGPT, so, it’s mutual.

Our parents never expected us to pay for services like Google Photos to store photographs. Or, they can’t understand why kids are willing to pay real money to buy a virtual assault rifle in games like PUBG.

Similarly, brace yourselves, our kids in future may be paying for Googling stuff online!

So, AI will not take away jobs but it will change jobs for sure.

For starters, to get a high-paying job, better upskill yourself so that you are able to predict and answer questions for AI platforms.

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