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Charles Martinet, The Voice Of Mario, Steps Down; Not Part Of Super Mario Bros Wonder – News18

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Last Updated: August 22, 2023, 14:53 IST

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Charles Martinet’s first Mario game was Mario Teaches Typing in 1994. (Image: Nintendo)

Charles Martinet is officially retiring from his role as Mario, Nintendo has confirmed. Here are the details.

Charles Martinet, the voice actor behind Nintendo’s Mario, will no longer be voicing the character moving forward. Notably, Martinet voiced Mario games since 1994, and his voice has now become synonymous with the character.

Super Mario Bros is a name that’s been heard in most homes thanks to its family-friendly appeal and the critical acclaim Nintendo’s beloved franchise has achieved over the years. One of the reasons why Mario has brought so much success to Nintendo is Mario himself—the Italian plumber.

People have grown to love his unique demeanor and the voice acting by Charles Martinet. The iconic “It’s a me, Mario!” is something that most people would recognize, young or old.

In fact, the upcoming game, Super Mario Bros. Wonder for the Nintendo Switch, won’t have Martinet voicing Mario or Luigi. This is a departure from a run that started with Mario Teaches Typing in 1994—almost three decades ago.

Nintendo hasn’t said why Martinet is stepping down, but the Japanese gaming giant has confirmed that he’ll be a “Mario ambassador” going forward—responsible for promoting Mario around the world.

“It’s been a privilege working with Charles to help bring Mario to life for so many years and we want to thank and celebrate him,” Nintendo said.

Additionally, over the course of his long career, Martinet has not only voiced Mario, but has also been the voice behind Mario’s brother Luigi, Wario and Waluigi.

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